Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When in Photojournalism self-portrait pictures can be real unique.

Nick Link mopping up a wet spot on the concourse.  Photo taken by Allen Jackson/The South End
So I decided to take my camera to my job and shoot one of my co-workers working.  Nick Link who was been working at Comerica Park for three seasons is known as the hardest worker in the event housekeeping department.  He works on the same level as me on some occasions because we get moved around a lot.  So anyway he was willing to cooperate and let me do this assignment on him. 

He sweeps the concourse, cleans the bathroom maybe two of them if I’m placed somewhere else and we go on the Pepsi porch/New Amsterdam Bar to check for trash or sweep up peanut shells mostly.  I used my camera to take a picture of Link sweeping, mopping and cleaning his bathroom. 

Overall this self-portrait assignment was a learning experience for me as I continue in my journey as a journalist to take pictures when necessary.  Also, journalists can take the most unique pictures like a person outside of a statue at Wayne State or of a person doing projects or making unique paintings of something.  Also, people can take emotional pictures of a person crying or being devastated after a loss.       

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