Friday, April 3, 2015

Camera Ops: The Exact Way to take a photo

After taking these pictures around campus, I can come to the conclusion that cell phone photography will not get journalists anywhere in the photo part of the business.  The fact that DSLR camera will help get out digital photos in crystal clear style than on a cell phone where it can come out a little blurry. 
Rule of Thirds, Outside Manoogian Hall
Camera operations is also difficult in certain situations because you have to get in certain positions to shoot accurate photos, give the proper captions and if it’s a difficult photo to take then people have to shoot it the first time.  In the photojournalism business we all know that it is more to it than just taking photos and posting it.  We have to watch out for pictures that can sometimes be out of focus or don’t come the way you want it. 

Another thing is that we have to be careful about ISOs, shutter speed and proper metering when taking these photos, because if you set your settings to the wrong ISO or if your f-stop or aperture is not in its proper then the issue of white balance will come in to play.

Shallow depth of field, WSU 

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