Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A little about me

My name is Allen Jackson and I was born in Detroit.  I am the youngest of four children.  My passion for journalism started when I began watching sports and I could always talk about it but I couldn’t write about it.  During my time here at Wayne State I did stories on The Wayne State University Women’s basketball team’s tournament run, stories on the history of Comerica Park, last year’s opening day at Comerica Park.  
Currently I work at Comerica Park as an event housekeeper, while there I get to be around journalists to see how they do their jobs.  Some of the people that I look up to in this profession are Stephen A. Smith, the late Stuart Scott, and Dan Miller are just a few. 

I am a senior and I will be graduating in December of this year with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.  Also, I also have an interest for photojournalism as well that is why I wanted to take this class because I want to learn how to take excellent photos and use them effectively in terms of being in the sports field. That is all about me, talk to you guys soon!