Friday, April 10, 2015

Shooting sports is not as easy as it looks: But learning long the way will help us get better!

Tigers players warming up for opening day.  Photo taken by Allen Jackson/South End
So I decided to take my camera to my job at Comerica Park to shoot opening day.  Unfortunately, shooting with a tablet camera was not the way to go about it.  It will give you a low ISO and as a result the shutter speed will suffer from it.  In one of my photos where I tried to get a picture of one of the players, I should have went closer to the dugout instead of half way down the lower bowl.  

Tiger fans standing outside in front of the ballpark signing up for Chevy ride and drive in front of the Nikolas Kronwall bobblehead.  Photo taken by Allen Jackson/South End
I also took a picture of people holding the United States flag while the Four Tops were singing the National Anthem.  For this picture, I wanted to use shallow depth of field to focus on the flag.  However, shooting with a tablet camera pales in comparison to shooting with a DSLR camera.  DSLRs gives the best shutter speeds, higher ISOs and proper f-stops while on tablet camera the three are limited.  
Volunteers holding the U.S. flag while the Four Tops sing the National Anthem.  Photo taken by Allen Jackson/South End. 
Now for the shooting sports part, it is not easy because when being a photojournalist you have to get in the right position and have the proper settings in order to stop the action at just the right time to get a decent photo.  This is why it will be learning curve for me that tablet cameras won’t cut it in photojournalism.       

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