Friday, May 1, 2015

Final Project: A day in the life of Tiger fans

This final project was taken at Comerica Park during a series with the Cleveland Indians, as the fans cheered on their Tigers.  It was a difficult assignment for me, at first it came out a video but due to technical difficulties when I put in Adobe Premier Pro it turned into a slideshow. 
Also this can be a learning experience for me to take pictures instead of doing videos it can help tell the story better.  Overall, the experience of shooting this assignment was awesome because I got the opportunity to see what the Tiger fans do when enjoying the game and the overall baseball experience. 

These fans were having a good time at the Pepsi Porch, and all over the stadium.  Over 39,000 fans showed up for this game because it was a good day for them to come to the park because it was 60 degrees and sunny out.  Finally, although it was difficult I had a good time shooting this assignment because I got to find out what fans do at the ball game while working.