Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cell Phone Photography

WSU football coach Paul Winters unveiling new football field. 

After doing this cell phone assignment, I can say that cell phone photography can be a quick bailout although pictures will be a little blurry comparing to using a DSLR camera.  My assignment was on Wayne State University’s head football coach Paul Winters announcing to recruits and their families about the freshmen class that is coming to Wayne State for the 2015 football season. 

Coach Winters taking questions from the media
I learned while shooting for sports stories you have to be precise and take pictures at exactly the right time or you will not get the picture that you want.  Winters told the crowd during a football futures dinner that this was the best class he ever recruited.  He also said that he expected great things out of this class.  The recruits consists of 21 from Michigan, six from Ohio and one from Wisconsin.


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