Friday, February 27, 2015

Captions and AP Style Quiz essay

In this lesson about captions, there is more to photojournalism then just taking pictures and posting them on a blog or website.  Captions are the key thing in making sure that your photos are accurate and you were actually there.  Also, when taking photos identifying a person, place or thing is one of the most important keys into writing captions when describing photos.  Photojournalists can’t be funny when writing because the photo isn’t so humorous.

Also, photojournalists had epic career fails because they posted things that weren’t true.  In one of the documents it showed 20 epic career failed captions where it showed that a misidentified person, a fire on TV where the caption said “have a great day” just shows that people are not taking this profession serious. 

About AP style it is important that we figure out that photojournalists have to use whole names in first reference then last names on second reference after that.  Also, where photojournalists get in trouble is where a “fatal flaw” comes in.  Journalists also tend to sometimes spell people names wrong.  It’s important that we spell people’s names right and be accurate when the media is doing storytelling when describing photos.    


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